H2K Gaming vs SK Gaming | S5 EU LCS Spring 2015 Week 3 Day 1 | H2K vs SK W3D1G1 VOD 60FPS


SK Gaming vs H2k S5 EU LCS Spring 2015 Week 3 Day 1 | SK vs H2K G1 W3D1 | H2K Gaming vs SK Gaming Game 1 W3D1 VOD HD 60 FPS. S5 EU LCS Spring split 2015 playlist: http://bit.ly/LCSEUSpring2015 Interview with the Winner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzUfjFvEaSM Next match of the day - Fnatic vs Unicorns of Love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9uOqb7Aih4 League of Legends Season 5 EU League Championship Series Week 3 Day 1. First match of the day - SK Gaming vs H2K Gaming Game 1 of 2 of Spring split 2015. H2K vs SK G1 W3D1 full game in HD 720p 60FPS. H2K Gaming Line-up: Odoamne - top Lissandra loulex - Jungle Elise Ryu - mid Zed Hjarnan - ADC Corki Voidle - Support Leona SK Gaming Line-up: Freddy122 - top Gnar Svenskeren - jungle Nidalee Fox - mid Ahri Forg1ven - ADC Graves nRated - support Annie Patch: 5.2 - Season 5 Game date: 05.02.2015 | 02/05/2015 | February 5th 2015 Game place: LCS Studio Berlin Casters: QuickShot and Pyrotechnics If you like this video, don't forget to press the like button, comment and share, because sharing is caring! :) You can contact me or follow the latest uploads on social media: www.twitter.com/epicskillshot www.facebook.com/epicskillshot If you feel like it, you can support me by donating: http://bit.ly/1krnlHv Check out some of the other playlists with awesome League content: Funny and Interesting League Clips: http://bit.ly/1jOrM9C Epic Plays: http://bit.ly/1a9SHHH Recent Tournament playlists: 4 Nations Tournament play: http://bit.ly/4NationQual NA LCS Expansion Tournament: http://bit.ly/ExpansionNA EU LCS Expansion Tournament: http://bit.ly/ExpansionEU IEM Season IX - San Jose: http://bit.ly/IEMSanJose2014 Oceanic Finals: http://bit.ly/oceFinals2014 Season 4 World Championship Playoffs (quarters, semis, finals): http://bit.ly/S4WorldsPlayoffs Season 4 World Championship Groups C & D: http://bit.ly/S4WorldsGroupsCD Season 4 World Championship Groups A & B: http://bit.ly/S4WorldsGroupsAB S5 EU/NA LCS Spring Promotion Tournament: http://bit.ly/S5EUNAPromo Older Tournaments playlists: S4 NA LCS Summer split 2014 - Playoffs: http://bit.ly/S4NALCSPlayoffs S4 EU LCS Summer 2014 - Playoffs http://bit.ly/S4EULCSPlayoffs S4 International WildCard 2014: http://bit.ly/S4GamesComIWC All-star Paris 2014 Playlist: http://bit.ly/1mFJuDz EU LCS Spring split 2014 playlist here: http://bit.ly/1alDZ4O NA LCS Spring split 2014 playlist here: http://bit.ly/1awrdgG IEM Season 8 WC Katowice 2014: http://bit.ly/1nWExmz Champions Spring 2014 Qualifiers http://bit.ly/1mcpOmL IEM Season 8 Sao Paulo 2014 playlist: http://bit.ly/1gpbCYl Battle of The Atlantic 2013: http://bit.ly/1bF9z9u NA LCS Spring 2014 promotion playlist here: http://bit.ly/IYuPkf EU LCS Spring 2014 promotion playlist here: http://bit.ly/18sEh5H WCG 2013 LOL playlist: http://bit.ly/18tGeo7 IEM Singapore 2013: http://bit.ly/1b78TJQ IEM Cologne 2013: http://bit.ly/18qziYZ IEM Cologne 2013 Cross-Realm Qualifiers: http://bit.ly/1hlktcH WCG 2013 Korea Qualifiers: http://bit.ly/InKuJs Season 3 Worlds 2013 Grand Finals: http://bit.ly/1cPI2oi Season 3 Worlds 2013 Semi Finals: http://bit.ly/17Yx9AU Worlds 2013 Quarter Finals: http://bit.ly/1iXFolz And you can find a lot more in the playlists section on my channel!

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