Ezreal vs Taric (Rap Battle)


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Buy the songs here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/instalok2 (iTunes coming soon!) Ezreal and Taric voiced by Chris Instrumental by: Instalok Tony Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/Instalokk Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/instalok Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/InstalokOfficial Lyrics: Ezreal: I’m about to show you a true display of skill Time to get these hands dirty from the blood that I will spill It’s been 6 years and I’ve hardly changed It took a million reworks for you to see some play I’ve got more jumps than mario You’re like a store brand fabio Say what you want about me I won’t give an Essence Flux And since you like gems so much i’ve got some family jewels that you can suck I’ve got 3 times the skins, even an Ulitmate to show How liked I’ve been, wait, where’d the rest of your t-shirt go? Taric: Everybody knows just how stunning I am But they just want to report you for all the Q’s you spam Your hair might be perfection but your skills go 1 direction Always hoping for a mirror lane to see my own reflection I could counter your kit if I just step to the side You just kite back, run and hide, be a man! Where’s your pride? They say, “Always use protection” so I’ll be your defenses Lane with me bot, and i’ll be sure to make you come to your senses Ezreal: I’m not gonna lane with a man in pink furry boots How can I focus on CS’ing while you’re staring at my glutes And you think I didn’t notice all those sexual innuendos? I’d rather have a mute support like Sona with crescendos I would run down mid and arcane shift straight into the fountain Before I’d ever climb with you on this brokeback mountain I don't need you, I’ll protect myself, escape or close the gap When this is over you’ll see you’ve lost, you’re gonna need a map Taric: You’re still building blue after 3 whole seasons That’s so old i guess it looks like you belong in a museum Turning coals into diamonds, i’ll have the worst players climbing And in the heat of the battle i’ll be unblemished and shinning I wield an ancient power that you just wouldn’t understand Good luck finding me in ranked, like tyler1 i'm permabanned We’re all friends here, no need to BM Just follow back on twitter, let me slide in those DM’s I know you’re name is EZ but you’re playing hard to get Just let me lane with you and I know you won’t regret

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