Learning how to adult


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*Hit the like button for more sketch vlogs!* Ah yes, insurance. It’s a lot simpler than it seems. But we still put it off. We should stop that. Learn a thing Life insurance: http://bit.ly/2ytKV2D Supplementary health and dental insurance: http://bit.ly/2zs4uq8 Thanks to FSCO for sponsoring this video! Follow me: http://twitter.com/nanalew http://instagram.com/nanalew http://facebook.com/nanalew //TRANSCRIPT Guess whose renovation is almost over? Me. Yeah it’s exciting but also terrifying because everything is really expensive. It’s weird being an adult in general. Like let’s be honest. Every good thing has ten responsibilities and stressors just wrapped around it. So this renovation? Wonderful. Amazing. But also now it’s just like I have to clean, I have to move in. I have to clean. I have to call the duct vacuuming guys that I’ve been putting off calling. You can’t summon them with your brain, you know. Gonna have to call them. Harsh reality. Interaction. When did I become an adult? I don’t know. I’m not sure. It just sorta happened. Honestly, I’m grateful that I matured. Because you’re supposed to become an adult and not keep your bumper on with duct tape. But I still put off a lot of the adulty things I should do like persuing personal insurance. I run my own business so I don’t actually have life insurance, or employee health benefits, or anything. Haven’t rotted out of your head? Another successful year. You’re never going to the dentist again. Now, where I live in Ontario, fantastic health benefits. But not everything is covered, so if you’re like me you have a lot of additional little issues you have to pay for yourself. Yeah, so if you could just take out all of my muscles and replace them with new ones, that would be beneficial. Remember Inspector Gadget? What’s that package cost? I’m interested in that. Things like massage, dental, chiropractic, physio, and mental health treatments aren’t covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. So if you’re like me and you have chronic pain, you may want to get health insurance to cover those costs. At the moment, it’s Financial Literacy Month, and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario has partnered with me to explain how health and life insurance work. Which is good, because I need to learn and I tend not to learn things until I have to because I put them off. Right, yes, I understand the oil goes in the car. What I don’t understand is where the mouth is. So health insurance. It’s pretty straightforwards, but it’s important to note that even when you get supplementary health insurance, it still won’t cover everything. So you need to know about your deductibles and your maximums. Now a deductible is the base amount you pay each year before your insurer pays anything. You’ll also probably have a yearly maximum on your coverage. And that means you’ll get like $500 a year for your dental, $500 a year for your massage. And then you just use it. Oh yeah, I called my service provider and it turns out I have a $500 maximum so if you could fix everything wrong with me in the next two sessions, that’d be great. You’re just washing your hands, right? Linda, I realize we need boundaries, but it’s been 43 minutes. And then after your treatment, you file a claim with your provider. So they may want you to send them your receipts or they may give you a card to give to the service provider to they can file a claim for you. And in that case, just hold onto your receipts just in case the insurance company wants it. And if you’ve ever paid any tax ever, you love keeping receipts. It’s your favorite thing. You don’t lose any of them. Ever. This is good. This is what these are for. Park N Fly! I went to the airport! What year is this? What year is this? It’s just all travel and food. Mostly food. And now for life insurance. Morbid, but also smart and important. When you purchase a life insurance policy you pay a monthly or yearly premium so they upon your death your insurer will pay your loved ones a death benefit. I don’t have a joke for this. I’m very uncomfortable. And that benefit can then be used for your funeral costs, debts, taxes, and fees first. And then the remainder goes to your loved ones, or beneficiaries. I think if you have a lot of people depending on you or if you have a fair amount of debt that would fall on your family, then life insurance is pretty important. Yeah? Yeah, you think? Maybe. Thanks to FSCO for sponsoring this video. You can visit their website to learn more about Health and Life Insurance in Ontario. Just click the links in the description. This was fun. I feel pretty irresponsible. Hopefully you do too. See you in a few days. Ow. My foot. I’ve been leaning on my foot so long.

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