Battlefield 1 Bootcamp | Tank Hunter Toreador (BF1)


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Nothing strikes fear into a man's heart like the charging, beastly metal bull of a tank, cresting a hilltop, ready to charge down its victim! But, wait, what is that? Could it be a man? Perhaps it's a fool? No, it is a Tank Hunter Toreador! Here, I DRBC007 am going to inject you with a serum of wonder and wisdom, so that perhaps you can withstand the harsh teachings, brutal obedience and fearful floggings that one must conquer before on the long and hard road to join the elite and secretive ranks of the Tank Hunter Toreadors!! More Videos from DRBC007 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Battlefield 1 Bootcamp | P. T. F. O. | How to Win (BF1) Battlefield 1 Bootcamp - Super Attack Scout, Best in Class (BF1) Battlefield 1 Bootcamp The Ultimate Combat Medic Best in Class Guide Battlefield 1 Bootcamp - Support Best in Class Guide (BF1) Battlefield 1 Bootcamp, The Assault Best in Class Load-out! Battlefield 1 Bootcamp - How To Improve your K/D Ratio - Die Another Day Battlefield 1 Bootcamp - The Way of the Knife Battlefield Bootcamp - Trench Raider Tea Party Battlefield Bootcamp - They Shall Not Pass Battlefield Bootcamp - Elite Class Guide Battlefield Bootcamp - Things That Make You Go Boom Battlefield Bootcamp - How to Aim Battlefield Bootcamp - The Good, The Bad, The Fugly ► Subscribe & help me reach 5000 subs: ► Discord - The Agency: ► Want to Tip?: ► Patreon - Join the ranks of The Agency: ► Facebook keeps you up-to-date: ► To follow me on Twitter: ★ Any support you give is greatly appreciated and enables me to keep doing what I do! = DRBC007 -- D -- D.R. -- DRB = ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cheers for reaching the bottom of the description! :p

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