4. Light Locked In It (Feat. Ciele) - Johnny Active - The Prelude (Album)


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4. Light Locked In It (Feat. Ciele) - Johnny Active Twitter: http://twitter.com/JohnnyActive FB: https://www.facebook.com/johnnyactive Twitter Ciele: https://twitter.com/xociele Lyrics: Verse 1: Tryna get cheese like Kraft singles While I'm crafting these singles Getting C's in class since you Often laughing and mingle Caught you cutting class like Ginsu Probably brought your lip chap with you There's no need to ask if you Heard of my raps, it's simple Burlap bag and dimples got me certain that she's different But is it fair to say fore' I spoke I ain't exist Sitting here chillin', hoping I can hang a bit My phone rang a bit, You look sexy smoking cancer sticks Trapped in you eyes the way Sansa is Imagine us in the library with a candlestick Run out of batteries that's a negative But I'm positive you'll miss me when I'm gone Your consciousness is a melodic riff In a top 40 hit song, and it's on So please give me hope like an Obama campaign Feeling like I could explode, shook bottle of champagne And what's a life worth living if you're not in the fast lane? And I'm up late night, thinking of giving her last name, like Chorus (Ciele): Gotta love, gotta love, gotta love, Gotta love, gotta love, gotta love And I'm reaching for the dial in my heart And I got to turn it up Gotta love, gotta love, gotta love Gotta love, gotta love, gotta love Got the light locked in I'm looking for the switch And I've got to turn it up Verse 2: You playing hard to get, Or maybe you just plain hard to get Spilling drinks now I stained the carpet wet Dance songs in apartment play off our lament Not sure if I walk where I really opt to stand Honest man Yeah, I made mistakes and made my sins Big Boi said, "it's not where you from but where you pay your rent" While I'm chasing rum, you chasing Jameson with 8 percent Wrote regrets on a note in hope that that would make em' paper thin Can't live with that "coulda, shoulda, woulda" She just wanna roll a bit of that Kush up I mean, like she got me doing push ups And I'm in the bedroom and I'm wondering do I look good? I remember when I met you that summer Like "it's good to meet ya," But I never got your number now I'm looking at you deeper Thinking I could be the one to shook your speakers Best believe it, love drunk for your secrets, uh Verse 3: She want that Jay-Beyonce ambiance Stomach bout' to do some summer saults La di da, Molotov cocktail Killing it without a bra Rebel in a red dress, tell me what's your cause One word ain't said yet Staring straight in awe I'm embarrassed but I'm lost for words Easier to text, hard to really say it audible Uh, you thought provoking machine And I'm caught hoping your jeans Real tight tonight, I hope you coming to the shin dig Dreams of us under covers like we been with Us, one another, like I'm done bout' to win big Uh, uh, uh and we moving like its instinct In sync, but I'm hardly Justin Timberlake Know this party good but I prolly need a little break Acting Hollywood from a small town, big mistakes Give me on chance, swear relationship won't sink or sank Hook: I don't know much about you You don't know much about me But I'ma take a seat right here, right beside you Cuz I feel like I can confide in you Yeah, I'll give you my heart for a minute And I know it's dark But maybe you can find the light locked in it Yeah, yeah, the light locked in it (the light locked in it, the light locked in it, maybe we can find the light locked in it, and we got to turn it up)

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